There are a lot of internet ads running right now that are claiming to provide an instant or near instant value on your home. When you click, of course they ask for at least your email address  and your street address. They gotcha! From there they can use a variety search tools to find other information about you like your email, phone number even your name. They may also provide you some totally inaccurate estimate of your home’s value. They do that by searching the MLS or public records for other homes that have sold. NO ONE can tell you the value of your home without having been in it. In most cases, homes are very unique in terms of the décor, mechanics, amenities and other features. Only an experienced real estate professional or a licensed appraiser can actually give you a valid estimate of your home’s value that you can possibly rely on. That is why Zillow’s Zestimate is so wildly off target most of the time. Even County assessors, who have never been in your home are seldom correct in their valuations. Appraisers charge a reasonable fee to give you a detailed report on your home. Professional Realtors will also provide you with an estimate of the value for a small fee or on a complimentary basis in hopes of doing business with you someday. Be sure to use a full time agent with a great deal of experience. Remember, “when time and money matter, so do knowledge and experience.” For more information on the real estate market in the Twin Cities visit my website: . Under the How’s the Market tab are monthly reports on the current real estate market. Thanks for reading.

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David Feerhusen

David Feerhusen

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