Predicting fashion trends, in any area, is a bit like predicting the next lottery numbers. So it is in home decorating, but some people are better at forecasting than others and when redecorating a home it is important to consider what are the current fashions in homes. Because it will affect the resale value of your home down the road and it does give one a sense of being up to date in the world to have a home that is decorated to current standards. But, it is also important to decorate with colors, tones, furniture and accessories that match you and your personality. My spouse and I are very eclectic in our taste and so our house reflects that dimension of our being. We find that interesting, although others may not think so. It isn’t that we don’t appreciate coordinated décor (one of our best friends is very coordinated in her fashion sense) because we really do. It just doesn’t match our frame of reference. We still enjoy looking at the varied items in our home. They make us feel good and so should your home, whatever your frame of reference.  Rismedia, a real estate newsletter for professionals, has a good article on predicting the home fashion trend for 2017 entitled “The Hottest Colors of 2017: New Neutrals”. Now, although I find the article interesting and I will use the information to help guide my clients for resale purposes, one must understand that there is nothing new about Neutrals. Neutral colors have been in and out of favor a number of times, for most of the 33 years I have practiced real estate. Fashion is always fickle and always changes. For instance, when I got in to the business, there were still a lot of homes with ceramic baths still featuring those little purple and pink tiles. For many years we could hardly sell a home so decorated. Then about 7 years ago, the “Retro” craze hit and they were again popular. I have seen the same phenomenon occur with many features of decorating. In and then out. So it is with “neutrals” now. If a client asked me how they should decorate for a sale in 2017, I would say “New Neutrals”. But for those not selling for a while, I would say “decorate in a manner that makes you feel at home.” I have included this short article on my web site, under the “Real Estate News” tab. There is also a lot of other information out there and an ability to search all the homes for sale in Minnesota. So, thanks for reading and contact me if you have any questions.

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