I sat back this week and analyzed the first half of 2017 sales and realized that I have been doing this for 34 years. That is longer than some of the people I help, have been alive. And I have now sold more than 1600 homes and supervised as a broker over 14,000 homes.  The fact that so many folks have placed their trust in me is humbling, to say the least. I spent some time contemplating what made this possible. I came here from Nebraska in 1983 and I really only knew five people well and 3 of them had real estate licenses. I was very young then, full of energy and good intentions. I knew a few things for sure: 1) I would always work in my clients’ best interest even if I had to walk away from a commission. 2) I would strive to stay educated in my field; 3) I would work  hard for each of the people who honored me with their trust, personally and always communicate with them directly and honestly about their situation. About 20 years ago, several notable agents decided to create “teams”. These were small organizations with a lead agent and several agents who worked under their supervision. The idea was, that the team members would benefit from the team leader’s experience, knowledge and strategies. They would then split their commissions with the team leader. The industry resisted at first. But now these teams are the most prevalent approach to our business. There are some advantages to a team, but I have taken a very different approach to my profession. My team consists of me and my very competent wife, Annie. That’s it. She is also a licensed professional for 30 years now. Yes, I utilize some very competent people to handle administrative tasks. But Annie and I have been and will continue to be the people who will answer your questions, calls and other communications. We will always be personally responsible for your marketing, file management and your transaction. You will never find yourself or your personal referral handed off to some rookie or retiring person, finishing out their career on our coat tails. Hand offs are a great football technique, but not so good in real estate. The person you look in the eye at our first meeting, will be the person who will also be there for you at the closing table, when you sell your home or buy a new one. That is our way and it has kept us going strong for 34 years. Remember, “when time and money matters, so does knowledge and experience.” Thanks for reading.

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David Feerhusen

David Feerhusen

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