Home Improvements Can Be Costly on Many Levels!

A lot of people would like to improve their homes for many reasons even when ready to sell them. Often these improvements can increase the ease of sale and sometimes help the selling price. But people also want to do work on their homes often for their own lifestyles and enjoyment while living in the home. The return on these investments in a home vary widely with the nature of the project and with the original condition of the property currently. All home improvements should be well thought out. I have actually seen improvements, particularly ill thought out additions, which hurt the value of the home because they so radically damaged the esthetics of the architecture. There are also unexpected expenses that come up when improving a home like hidden problems in the walls, structure or mechanics of the home. With the rapid increase in the viewership of Do It Yourself television, many people believe they can increase their ROI on a property by doing the work themselves. A recent article by Nicki Escudero, in Rismedia, a national daily real estate newsletter, discusses another potential and painful cost of DIY improvements. That is possible injuries to those preforming physical work that they are not trained and experienced in. These costs, besides being physically painful, can be financially very costly in terms of medical costs and lost wages. The article is entitled “DIY Fails: Hire a Pro for These 5 Home Improvements”. You can read the article on my website, Mnhomesbydave.com under the “Real Estate News” tab. If you would like to ever consult about the potential return on investment of such a project you are considering, I would be happy to do that. The cost of such an evaluation is a cup of coffee. And we can catch up at the same time. Thanks for reading and have a great Independence Day. 


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