Additions That May Help to Increase a House Value


We all know that when you get ready to sell your house, you will have a realtor over that will tell you, you are going to need to de-clutter, freshen up and possibly remove things in order to get the selling price you are asking.

  What if you want to prepare your home prior to your Realtor® coming over for a market analysis and invest your dollars wisely?  Here are some tips that may help you decide more wisely on the right additions to make to help get more money when an offer is presented.


Square Footage

The best way you can guarantee to see a higher sale price is in adding square feet.  Whether it is finishing a lower level, adding a bathroom or possibly a sun room, these additions will increase the square footage you already have and therefore drive your sale price up.

If you are looking for more specific rooms to look at, here are a few to consider:

Bathrooms in General

One can never have too many bathrooms.  If you are currently living in a home that only has one bathroom, this would be a way to not only make your home more appealing to a buyer, but is also typically an easy room to add in most homes.   If you have a two story or more home, make sure your home offers at least a ½ bath on the main level for guests and family ease.

Media Rooms

In speaking with builders, many are stating they are seeing an increased demand for media rooms.  If you have a home that is not a walk out or one with few or no windows in the lower level, this may be a great suggestion for you to consider.  Buyers today want bells and whistles rather than dull and dark spaces.

Home Office

Today many people are fortunate enough to be able to work from home, but in doing so will want a private space to do their business and take or make business calls.  In making an already room technologically upgraded with Wi-Fi capability, more port availability or even built in desk and filing spaces, this may make your home a stand out versus the one down the street.

Garages = Good Reviews

Most buyers state today that their home search must provide a home with a minimum of one garage but most say they would prefer to see at least two garage spaces if not more.  If your current house is located on a piece of land that provides you the opportunity to add another garage stall, make the most of it.  A potential buyer may not necessarily use it to house a car, but additional storage space like this is hard to find in some locations.

Patios, Fire Pits and Out Door Spaces

Being in Minnesota, everyone wants to be outside as much as they can during the nice spring, summer and fall days.  A little landscape can add a whole new look to your home and offer a back yard setting a buyer may just be looking for.  When looking into a pool, remember that this may in fact hinder your sale as some buyers will see this as an issue and not want to deal with the maintenance or cost.

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