Buying, Selling VS. Open Houses and a Realtor

When contacted by a buyer or seller looking for help on their real estate transaction, I am happy to help.  However, when speaking with someone that just wants to see something because they are curious…Realtors are persons that work hard and long hours and typically don’t have a lot of time to spare.  They don’t show houses just because, but rather to reach a goal for a buyer or seller.

There are many sites that can provide immediate answers to those with questions on what their needs are and this includes answers to the real estate process.  However, once the decision is reached that looking to buy or sell is a viable situation, then it is time to call in an expert to answer the specific and detailed questions about the process, the market and your immediate needs. 

If however, you have any questions about whether as a home owner you should just remodel, renovate or update; these are things that agents don’t set up showings to bring idea seekers into homes.  Not only is this not a process of a real estate agents job, this also is not the reason that a seller happily vacates their home for a showing.



Open Houses are a way to view a home that you just have a curiosity in.  Many real estate agent’s welcome tire kickers, lookie loo’s or whatever name you want to give them.  This is a chance for someone looking to renovate a home to ask questions or look to see what their neighbor has done to achieve the selling price they are asking. 

When contacting an agent, the caller must understand that there will be a list of general questions that will be asked to pre-qualify the call to that agent to see if they agent wants to work with the caller.  The questions asked will generally include reason for the move, area they are thinking of moving to, price range and qualification and if the caller has talked with a mortgage lender.  If an agent feels that the questions are not answered to meet their individual preferences of starting point, the agent may refer the caller to another agent or even ask the call to do some further investment of their time to prepare for the process. 

As a consumer, many are well advised that accessing a home can only be done through a real estate agent.  However, a fore mentioned consumer must also understand that a real estate agent does not consider their JOB a sport or hobby, this is their job and they work hard.

Most renovators or remodelers will use the Parade of Homes or an Open House to see what is new, gain access to homes on the market, or even speak with a realtor about their ideas. 

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