Getting a Home SOLD…Knowledge is the Key

Although many people think all realtors do is talk with people, put a sign in the front yard and collect a pay check, once they actually see the amount of time, energy and knowledge a Realtor® invests in getting a home sold, many times opens people’s eyes to the reasons they have decided to hire an expert.  

Just like those in the practices of a doctor or an attorney, your Realtor® is on your side to advise you and make you aware of your options and rights.  Although as a seller you ultimately make the final decision on where and how to list and market your home, be sure you understand a few things.

Most agents will spend hours investing in understanding a particular neighborhood, development or community.  When your Realtor comes to your home to sign the papers to list your home, they will probably come with a monopoly of data to support their reason for why they want to do what they are going to do with your home.  Take the time to look over the information provided to you; by researching what the MLS states shows properties pending and sold, you will be able to make a more knowledgeable decision on where to start your home sale process.   Be sure you focus your research on the sold in the past 30-60 days and how long that home was on the market. 


Next as a seller, you must be patient.  We all know good things come to those that wait, so sit back and let the greatness come your way.  A seller’s goal is to sell their home, so when you are determining a price, remember this goal and make sure you price it accordingly.  A stale property is hard to get momentum and attention back to it.

Whenever a seller goes to sell their house, the first question is always what will you charge for a commission?  When really it should be how do you plan to get my home sold in the least amount of time.  Sure, a seller can negotiate a commission, but sellers be ware, when an agent reduces their commission by the slightest amounts, you run the fence of said agent also loosing over all interest to work to get your home sold.  Sure they will do what they need to, but you can bet they will not be going above and beyond.

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