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Whether looking to sell or a buy an investment or a personal residence home, there are 5 things both parties should consider.  One side, the sellers should consider the below suggestions to speed up the time to potentially receive a contract and as a buyer, these 5 things in the long run may keep those dollars in your pocket after closing versus having to make repairs right after taking ownership.

No matter how impressive a house looks in photos, every person will tour their potential home prior to making an offer.  As a seller, make sure you have all the systems of your home functional.  Most homes requiring repairs as these, are typically found in a foreclosure or bank owned situation.  If as a seller, you have even the slightest hesitation of a potential issue, be sure you have a license and bonded repair person come out to look at it.  A buyer does not want to invest in a home that will require them to sink more money into right after they move in.  If you don’t want to make the repairs, don’t be offended when a buyer comes in at a lower price.  Be happy that buyer is willing to see the potential and ok with taking on the responsibility.

There are two homes that sellers should focus on when preparing their home for sale.  Kitchens and bathrooms and the rooms that most buyers want to see updated.  These two rooms will consume most of a home owners time, so make sure these rooms have the WOW factor to them.  Kitchens pop with the right cabinets so make sure these are in mint condition and be prepared to have buyers opening the doors.  Make sure your Tupperware does not cascade out upon opening the cabinet.


Spruce up your bath with a fresh coat of paint and new fixtures can make the room appear new, even a new towel rack can change the whole feel of a room.  Be sure you check the vents and vent covers to remove all the dust bunnies that may have made a home over the years.  Buyers will look at vents and if they are not clean, may be an indication that the duct work is in need of attention.

We all know that first impressions are a once in a life time event.  Make sure your curb appeal sparkles.  Make the porches warm and cozy while decks and patios comfortable enough a buyer can imagine having their friends and families over.  Make sure all decking is solid and there are no rotted pieces.  If you really want to get creative and you have the space and time, consider adding a fountain or small pond.

Looking for Return On Investment?  Consider your curb appeal.  New garage doors, front doors and windows may bring in an almost 72% ROI.  Now that’s nothing to sneeze at!  Just like the bathroom, a fresh coat of paint can go so far.  Make sure your exterior of the home looks fresh also.  Have some cracks or settling on the sidewalks or driveways?  Invest in having them repaired.  You’ll be glad you did.

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