2016 Spring Real Estate Market: 5 Recommendations for Home Selling in the Spring

Spring Parade of Homes and Easter weekend have passed and that brings the next big season…The spring market in real estate!

If you are a homeowner and are currently on the fence about listing your home, now is the time to reach out to a licensed and qualified Realtor® and get your home listed for potential buyers that are anxiously waiting for the right home to become available for them to write an offer.

Reports are still indicating record low inventories of available homes for potential buyers to make offers on. Below are a few items that buyers may be looking for in potential properties for sale to make a full price offer:


1. Curb Appeal

House with melting snowAlthough the latest snow storm has melted and last fall’s remains are starting to show, buyers do not want to see what happened last year. Before your home goes on the market, make sure you take the time to clean up your yard and shrubs. Overgrowth on shrubs in some cases are done to hide issues with foundation or water. Make sure you don’t turn a buyer off from the get go. Not sure what to do or what can be pruned back? Call a professional to get assistance to make sure it is done correctly.


2. Out Buildings and Sheds 

Storage shedIf you are selling an out building or shed with your home, make sure that the exterior of this building is also in top shape and the interior allows for potential buyers to access and walk around inside so they can see what they are getting. Make sure that all items you plan on taking with you are clearly marked and the items that are to remain are also clearly marked. Don’t forget to sweep the flooring if it is possible.


3. Garages

Typically, the men in our lives care a lot about the garage space and potential when looking at a home for purchase, so give them what they want! Remove any and all items to make the space more open and appealing. If you have children and there are lots of toys in your garage, get some storage items to display them neatly. If you plan to take the storage items with you, do not attach them to the wall, but make sure they are secure for your child’s safety. Attached items to any walls will be considered items that will remain with the home.


4. Front Entryways

welcome matMost buyers indicate that they know within taking those first few steps into a home if it is the right home for them and their family. Why not make them feel even more confident before they step into the rest of the home by making sure your front porch or doorway are appealing. Make sure your front door area is clear of clutter, animal collars & leashes, overgrown plants, etc. Instead, make sure that your front door is freshly painted, glass is polished and any cracks or crevasses have been repaired.


5. Updates and Upgrades

Many buyers are showing interest in having a home that is ready to move into, and updated to reflect today's trends. One shouldn't go over-the-top in making your home look 'trendy' before selling, but it might be time to consider making updates if there are brass finishings from the 1980's and 1990's still lurking around your home - particularly in bathrooms and kitchens! The most particular buyers on the market will be more apt to pay top dollar for your property if the bathrooms and kitchens have already been udpated for them. As long as the current market, your neighborhood, and your property will support it, it's not a bad idea to invest in upgrades either. Upgrading to a nicer quality appliance rather than just a base model will be noticed and appreciated by even the most discerning of buyers.


Today's buyers aren’t just looking at the inside of your home; impress them from the moment they arrive at your driveway. And most importantly, don't hesitate to contact your favorite Realtor for additional tips, tricks, and ideas to make your home stand out from the rest in 2016's busy spring market!

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